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Americans are getting less than 2 servings of vegetables! Are you one of them?

The latest dietary guidelines call for us to get 10-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Did your jaw just hit the ground? Yeah that tends to be the common reaction when I tell my clients that! Yet we … Continue reading

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App Obsession… Nike Training Club!

I have been a bad bootcamper!! Yep that is right, I have not been going as consistently as I would like to, to my Ultimate Bootcamp 6:00 AM class.  Honestly, running and working out outside usually is my favorite thing to do … Continue reading

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Hold the Bread & Chicken? Too Much Sodium, Really!?

Whenever I think of reducing sodium in my clients diet, I think lets cut those chips, canned soups, pretzels and processed foods. Could it be that we were focusing on the wrong foods when it comes to reducing sodium in … Continue reading

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Exercise of the Week… Swiss Ball Rollout

Many of you have become plank masters! Are you are ready to take it to the next level? Of course you are! The Swiss-Ball Roll Out will do that for you. This core exercise targets a large number of abdominal muscles. Strengthening your core will help improved your posture … Continue reading

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Exercise of the Week… Extra Steps!

This YouTube video by Dr. Mike Evans has done the best job yet, emphasizing the importance of physical activity not just on weight but health as well. Exercise is the medicine that all of us need no matter our body shape, … Continue reading

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