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Quick & Healthy… Crock-Pot Sweet Potato Stew

The chill is in the air and for some of you there is snow on the ground.  The days are getting shorter and for me that often means I can get a little lazy and not want to cook! My … Continue reading

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Quick & Healthy… Veggie Pot Pie!

There is a chill in the air and this weekend I had to turned on the heat in my home. November starts the season of comfort foods. My number one favorite comfort food has always been chicken pot pie! Nothing … Continue reading

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One Dimensional Workout?

Roll out of bed and you feel those aches and pains. Standing upright is unreasonable to ask and as your shoulders are turned in and back is hunched. With every step (especially down the stairs) muscles and joints have a … Continue reading

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Don’t go it alone… My Nutrition Upgrade!

Dietitian Drive readers get a $50.00 discount to My Nutrition Upgrade! Use code: 13MNUKH when you sign up!  95 percent of people who lose weight regain it — and sometimes more — within a few months or years. Diets just don’t … Continue reading

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The Power of Breakfast Smoothie!!

If you asked the average American if they thought breakfast was important, they would say “Yes!” In fact 93% reported it to be the most important meal of that day, yet only 44% of American are actually taking the time … Continue reading

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Quick & Healthy… Slow Cooker, Snow Melter Vegetarian Stew

Snow may still be on the ground but spring is in the air. I decided to make one last comfort food meal using my slow cooker to help melt the snow away! A slow cookers or crock-pot is a go to staple for … Continue reading

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App Obsession… Nike Training Club!

I have been a bad bootcamper!! Yep that is right, I have not been going as consistently as I would like to, to my Ultimate Bootcamp 6:00 AM class.  Honestly, running and working out outside usually is my favorite thing to do … Continue reading

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