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Whole Foods = Good Health

We have always had the answers to good health right in front of us, we just had to learn for ourselves and come back to cooking meals in the kitchen and eating whole foods at a table! Continue reading

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I’m Back!

This past year I had stepped away from my blog, and to be honest I am not really sure why. However this hiatus allowed me to step back and look at what I want next on My Road Map to … Continue reading

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More Veggies Isn’t Sexy?!?

Nutrition now a days is a hot topic and many even consider it a “sexy” topic in the blogosphere. 2015 started off with a bang with a great debate amongst my colleagues, “if dietitians are sexy?” Bite My Words started this … Continue reading

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What’s all this buzz about Superfoods?

Is Superfoods just another fad that has a lot of media hype around it? I actually don’t think so! I know my opinion may not be popular with some dietitians, who think this is just another marketing ploy. But any … Continue reading

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“Nature’s candy in my hand or can or a pie”… PEACHES!! Quick & Healthy Grilled Peach Salad

Think all the way back to 1995… what was your favorite song? As 7th grader my music taste was impeccable and a great alternative rock band named The President’s of the United States of America, released a song entitled PEACHES! … Continue reading

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Spring into Spring Salad… Quick & Healthy!

Finally you can sense spring is in the air, and if you lived in the Northeast it is has been a long time coming! Spring is all about renewal and for many of us the winter might have put us … Continue reading

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Americans are getting less than 2 servings of vegetables! Are you one of them?

The latest dietary guidelines call for us to get 10-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Did your jaw just hit the ground? Yeah that tends to be the common reaction when I tell my clients that! Yet we … Continue reading

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