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December 13… Track those Holiday Bites!

If you are like me, the next couple of weeks are full of holiday gatherings, work parties, cookie swaps, and happy hours.  And really what harm could an extra bite, second cocktail, nibble on a cookie really play on my … Continue reading

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Decisions Decisions… Are They Affecting Your New Years Resolutions?

So we are day 10 into the new year, and your New Years Resolutions for 2013!  Have you kept yours? If you answered “No” don’t feel bad, four out of five people will break their resolution.  And 1/3 of you will not … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Catch Your Dinner… Eating Intervals!

Did you mother ever tell you to slow down as you gobbled down a yummy dinner at Thanksgiving? The excitement of all the holiday food and treats can get anyone’s heart racing and their mouths chewing even faster. Did you … Continue reading

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Are You a Food Addict?

A few weeks ago while I was home folding laundry, The Dr. Oz Show had a topic that peeked my interest. It is a topic I struggle with understanding everyday as I work with my clients who are trying to lose … Continue reading

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Mindless Margin

For those of you who have been rejuvenated by the New Year to make healthy changes in your diet and exercise, congrats!  I am sure the first 2 weeks have gone fantastic, eating healthy, not missing a workout and feeling great. However … Continue reading

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Too Many Holiday Cheers!

A warm peppermint hot chocolate with whip cream, warms your frozen hands on a cold winter day, as you are bundled up in a winter coat and hat. With each sip you feel the warmth of the beverage spread from your fingertips to your toes. … Continue reading

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The Holiday time is a great time to see a movie. And if you were like me years ago, I loved grabbing a movie theater popcorn and diet soda. I always thought the popcorn can’t be too bad, maybe 450 … Continue reading

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