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Quick & Healthy… Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast!!

October is here and in my opinion everything should be pumpkin!! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin beer— the problem is most of my favorite pumpkin foods also are indulgent foods that I certainly can’t eat everyday … Continue reading

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The Power of Breakfast Smoothie!!

If you asked the average American if they thought breakfast was important, they would say “Yes!” In fact 93% reported it to be the most important meal of that day, yet only 44% of American are actually taking the time … Continue reading

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Are You a Food Addict?

A few weeks ago while I was home folding laundry, The Dr. Oz Show had a topic that peeked my interest. It is a topic I struggle with understanding everyday as I work with my clients who are trying to lose … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles… Think Before You Drink!

Santa brought me the best present yet… a Soda Stream! It is a fairly inexpensive machine that turns tap water into sparkling water.  Lets face it, water can be boring!  Once I started drinking sparking water, I drank a whole lot more … Continue reading

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Too Many Holiday Cheers!

A warm peppermint hot chocolate with whip cream, warms your frozen hands on a cold winter day, as you are bundled up in a winter coat and hat. With each sip you feel the warmth of the beverage spread from your fingertips to your toes. … Continue reading

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