Hidden Sugar Detox…. Should that be my New Year’s Resolution?

It is a New Year and for many of us it is a time for new beginnings, especially for health and wellness. I always go back and forth about if I should make a New Year Resolution and if I should promote them with my clients. Traditionally I have not been a big believer in resolutions,  I am more of a lifestyle change kind of gal. But after watching Dr. Mike Evan’s New Year’s Resolution video, I might have a change of heart.

But no matter what you call them or what time of year it is, it’s still a problem if you can’t adapt and make that permanent lifestyle change. Recently the biggest problem I see with my clients and even myself is that battle with Hidden Sugar and the food industry. Hidden sugar, is sugar that has been added to food products that you probably don’t even notice and often consider some of your healthy and favorite foods.  Our bodies were only meant to consume 5 tsp of hidden sugar a day and most of consume 22 tsp or more!

Here take my little quiz, you might be shocked…

hidden-sugar-quiz-1For the answer go to UltimateBootcamp.com

One of the best lifestyle change or New Year’s Resolutions I think anyone could make, it to kick out all the hidden sugar and get back to clean eating. Well that is easier said then done, so I teamed up with Ultimate Bootcamp  and created My Nutrition Upgrade’s Hidden Sugar Detox.  The program is perfect for busy people who want a sane approach to cutting sugars/ The program is starting Monday 1/14/2014.  So start the new year off right and make a permanent change in your eating and health and join me in the Hidden Sugar Detox.

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