Reverse Food Logs… Credit For What Doesn’t Cross Your Lips!

Keep Calm and stop eatingOne of the best weight control methods and tools for accountability is a food log.  Food logs have been shown time and time again to double the rate of weight loss when kept for six days or more per week. They instantly increases your awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating which helps you cut down on mindless munching! They are a wonderful tools, but have you ever avoid your food log?  Did you just not want to re-live that bad choice you made? When you look down at your journal,computer, phone does it feel like the food log is just laughing in your face? Even that healthy hummus snack you made this afternoon put you over the edge calorically and now you feel bad?

Well it sounds like you need a food log mind flip… with a Reverse Food Log!!Reverse Food Logging is tracking the uneaten.

This all came about when our Wellness Groups this month started the Hunger Scale Challenge. This has done wonders for understanding hunger and fullness for them and many of my other clients!

Dr. Altman  my co-leader of our groups decided to partake in this exercise with our Wellness Groups. He opening admit to our groups he was struggling with overeating and taking one bite too many.  In Dr. Altman style he jump head first into Hunger Scale Challenge.


One afternoon last week he was in my office raving about how great he is feeling again by walking away from the table satisfied rather than overly full! In doing so, he was telling me about all the foods he turned down that day.  There was a faculty brunch where he skipped the croissant and danish, there was mini bags of M&Ms on administrator’s desk which he admits he likely could have easily eaten 3 and not even thought twice about it! There was food every where that he turned, but he was turning it down! As he went on describing his day of food not eaten, you could see the pride this brought him. The calories saved was impressive. When we added up his day, he had 1500 calories uneaten! And that was just for one day. Image if he did this for 1 week or 1 month or a year!!

Reverse Food Logs are meant to flip your thoughts around your food choices. Rather than feeling shamed by the food choices you make, take pride in the food choices you did not make! Lets face it, we are surround by the Evil Triad of sugar, fat and salt everywhere we turn. It is time to give yourself some credit for turning down all that crappy food within chewing distance that you never let cross you lips. The pride and joy you will feel as your Reverse Food Log fills up, will out weigh the temporary discomfort of avoiding tempting and unhealthy foods by 1000%!!

My Challenge for you this week is to Reverse Food Log for 5 days! Get motivated to make that list grow and take pride in those tempting foods that went uneaten!

Steps to using Reverse Food Log

(1) Print Reverse Food Log sheet.

(2) After each meal/snack record the foods your turned down or didn’t go back for seconds/thirds etc…

(3) Review your list at the end of the day and make it grow day by day!!

Reverse Food log

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