Don’t go it alone… My Nutrition Upgrade!

Dietitian Drive readers get a $50.00 discount to My Nutrition Upgrade! Use code: 13MNUKH when you sign up! My Nutrition Upgrade Logo

95 percent of people who lose weight regain it — and sometimes more — within a few months or years. Diets just don’t work and in my Wellness Groups we consider D**t a, 4-letter word that we “ban” from our group discussions. I know that may seem silly and extreme but your approach to improved health and weight loss all comes back to your mindset and viewpoints of the process. Diet is short term and has an end. However lifestyle changes, not diets, are key to losing weight and improving health. Lifestyle is a long term plan rather than a short term fix where your enjoyment in the new approaches to health, food and exercise are key for long term success. That doesn’t mean that on day one you love the changes right off the bat and there is no work involved. Rather it means you are open to the process and ready to find what is right for you!

Lets be honest most of us know what we need to do to lose weight, improve our health and feel great! So why don’t we just do it?  If I had the answer to that one, I would probably be a billionaire and have solved the world’s epidemic of obesity.

One thing I do know from 8 years of experience in weight management and behavior change, is don’t go it alone!  We know accountability and peer support are the best approaches for making long term and sustainable changes.  But who has time for that right?

You do now!! I teamed up with my favorite personal trainers from Ultimate Bootcamp, Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle. We created an online nutrition and lifestyle program called: My Nutrition Upgrade. Food is your best medicine and if you fuel right you will feel better. Nutrition Upgrade is all about pursuit of progress, not perfection. The program was created for busy people who want a sane approach to their health and to end the craziness of D**ts.

The program takes a two-pronged approach: actions you can take RIGHT NOW, and guidance for changing your habits in the LONG-TERM. Nutrition Upgrade provides you with all the tools to make healthy habits a part of your life in a simple, straightforward way that allows you to see results immediately. It is a four-week program that will jump start your healthy eating habits and help you implement long-term lifestyle changes. It’s like having a registered dietitian on-call in a personalized, accessible format.

This four-week program is customized for you and suitable for any health and fitness level. Choose your track–whether you just want to supercharge your already-healthy diet or totally change your eating habits–and we’ll give you the information that makes most sense for you. Each month Nutrition Upgrade has a “theme”.

October’s theme: Get the Crap Out of Your Pantry, Dump Hidden Sugars & Upgrade Your Plate! 

Registration is easy: Nutrition Upgrade

Dietitian Drive readers get a $50.00 discount to My Nutrition Upgrade! Use code: 13MNUKH when you sign up! 

My Nutrition Upgrade

My Challenges this week: if you have been stuck in a rut and just not making the progress you have hoped for with weight loss or improved health, stop going it alone! Find the program with a lifestyle approach that provides you with accountability and support to help you implement long-term lifestyle changes! 

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