App Obsession… Nike Training Club!

4% of you dayI have been a bad bootcamper!! Yep that is right, I have not been going as consistently as I would like to, to my Ultimate Bootcamp 6:00 AM class.  Honestly, running and working out outside usually is my favorite thing to do but recently I have been sleeping in and using the cold as an excuse to skip. Typical skipping the gym or a class often means for most of us that we don’t workout that day. I have been a bad, bad bootcamper… but just because I don’t make it to my class does not mean I can’t make it to a workout.

One of my favorite fitness apps has been helping me, to ensure I get a workout in at least 4 time per week in addition to my running. It is called Nike Training Club. It is like having your own personal trainer anytime and anywhere. This app has over 60 workouts, that you can choose based on your goals and fitness level.  You can also select an allotted time for you workouts. Either 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minute workouts. There is audio guidance along with demonstration videos for all the exercises and workouts which help ensure proper form and motivates you to keep going.Nike training club

All the works out require minimal equipment and for some your own body is all the equipment you need!  All the workouts can be set to your playlist. However I enjoy setting my iphone up in front of my computer or TV.  I catch up on missed shows or the news, while I blast through a workout. This week I have been so strapped for time, I have resorted to using the 15 minute workouts in my office with the basic equipment I keep there: a yoga ball, resistance bands, free weights and kettle bell.  I can squeeze a workout in at the end of the day before I head home or during lunch.

My workout corner in my office.

My workout corner in my office.

For those of you who love data and rewards, Nike Training Club presents you with a summary of your workout when you’re done.  Every minute of training gets you closer to NTC-exclusive rewards like personal training advice, star workouts and earning badges. And for all you social media gurus out there you can share your results via twitter or facebook, with #makeitcount. And if that is not impressive enough, it is FREE!!

The app is great and probably will never replace my Ultimate Bootcamp workouts, but Nike Training Club really works you out hard whether you have 15 minutes or an hour! The point of today’s post is, so what if you didn’t make it to your planned workout session at the gym or your yoga class, that doesn’t mean you have to skip a workout and throw in the towel. There are hundreds of way to squeeze in a workout and make it count. My favorite quote around exercise is “One hour of exercise is only 4% of you day”, when you put it that way, there really is no excuse!

My Challenge for you this week is to fit in at least 15 minutes of exercise each day, whether that is using the Nike Training Club, resistance bands in your office or counting your steps with a Fitbit, what matters is that your move and not give up on you! 

P.S. By sharing this with you, I know I will make it to Ultimate Bootcamp tomorrow AM, the joys of accountability! 

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