Your Holiday Eating Buffer….

SantaThe statistic that is shared most often  is ”the average American will gain 5-7# during the time between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve”. This is likely over exaggerated as National Institute of Health (NIH) provided evidence that most of us gain only about 1# or less during the holiday season. However the bad news is this weight gained over the holidays isn’t lost during the rest of the year. Most weight issues are not do to rapid weight gains but a pound here or there, that is hardly noticed over time.

During this holiday season we are often overbooked and the first thing for us to ditch is exercise. Who has time for exercise when we’re shopping for presents, running errands, baking cookies, preparing meals and attending parties.

Exercise however could be your holiday eating buffer. There is strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity can help you maintain your weight over time and through out the holiday season. According to the CDC to maintain your weight you need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity per week. You might be saying to yourself, yeah like that is going to happen over the holiday season?

My Winter Warmer Workout(20 minute work out) and Improve Your Own Tree Trunks (10 minute workout)  pyramid may be the solution to fit in exercise during this very busy holidays season without having to go to the gym or needing to buy any special equipment. You could do these work outs in your office during a lunch break, first thing when you wake up or at night during your favorite holiday movie! If you committed to doing the Winter Warmer Workout 5 days per week you would get 100 minutes of exercise. If you committed to the Improve Your Own Tree Trunks pyramid workout daily, that would be 70 minutes of exercise for that week. They are both fun workouts that will get you to the goal of maintaining your weight through this holiday season.

Winter Warmer Workout: is a work out that focuses on toning the whole body by using cardio intervals followed by resistance training using your own body weight. To use your Winter Warmer Workout:

(1) Grab a stop watch or your cell phone for a timer.

(2) Start your Winter Warmer Workout session off with 30 seconds of cardiovascular movement.

(3) At each blue arrow you will want to do 30 seconds of cardiovascular movement. This could be as simple jogging in place or jumping jacks. If you really want to turn up the burn you could add in burpees or squat jumps.

(4) Your 30 seconds of cardiovascular movement should be followed by a resistance exercise.

(5) Complete all 10 resistance exercises with 30 seconds of cardiovascular movement in between. winter warmer workout

Improve Your Own Tree Trunksis a pyramid workout, meaning that you will do both ascending and descending repetitions of the pyramid or in this case our Christmas tree. This workout is meant to tone the legs and lower half of your body, while scorching calories.  To use your Improve Your Own Tree Trunks pyramid workout:

(1) Start at the base with 100 jumping jacks and follow the candy cane up the tree doing each designated exercise.

(2) Once you reach the top of the tree, repeat your 10 burpees and descend down the tree to finish with your 100 jumping jacks. Improve your own tree trunks

Both workouts offer a combination of cardiovascular movement and resistance training  Women Health’s recently reviewed the latest research to determine whether strength or cardio rules and both came out as winners for various reasons.

My Challenge for you is to not give up on exercise because it is the holidays. Give yourself the gift of 10-20 minutes per day and try one of my at home workouts! 

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