Exercise for the Week… The Lunge

This week I want to start off addressing a question that comes up all the time, “Kerri what should I do if I want to lose fat, faster?”

Resistance training! I don’t mean in the weight room, lifting 100 pound weights with grunting men. Light resistance training with lots of repetitions. Repetitions that work best for loss of fat mass, typically in the range to 12-17 reps. Many of my clients don’t have the time to make it to the weight room but there are lots of ways to start incorporating resistance training at home. My two favorite ways are (1) using your own body weight and (2) resistance bands.

The Lunge is a great way to get familiar with using your own body weight for resistance. The basic lunge is done by (1) Stepping forward with your right leg (2) slowly lowering your body until you front knee is 90, check to make sure your front leg is nearly perpendicular to the floor and back knee is close to touching the floor. (3) Pause then push yourself back to your starting position.  (4) Repeat alternating legs. 

There are hundreds of ways to change up lunges and make it more challenging, so as you become advanced at this consider trying some of these: front lunge push off , clock lunge, and elevated reverse lunge.

Lunge with me this week, it is a perfect thing to do after you plank!

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2 Responses to Exercise for the Week… The Lunge

  1. have you heard of crossfit? lots of lunges and planks….you might like it!

    • I have herd of cross fit and have a few friends that love it. I have not tried it I have done parts of P90X, but my bootcamp has been my favorite thus far. I love the combination of resistance and cardio burst. I will have to check it out sometime soon.

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